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Design, photo and video production

Universal learning

Our learning projects are based on principles of universal design for learning, an educational framework drawing from cognitive science that accommodates individual learning differences


We have experience working and collaborating with international organizations, universities, and entities from different regions including North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe

Digital Projects

We love creating digital learning and communications projects that can potentially reach 1000x your brick-and-mortar, face-to-face participants and audiences.

We create digital courses, videos, handbooks, slide decks, social media campaigns, and more

Impact and Results

We believe in results and not just creating beautiful products. Of course, our products are aesthetically pleasing, but they are mostly functional. We start with your desired result and work on a strategy analyzing the best methods to reach and engage your target audiences


Denisse Romero is a “multi-hatted” bilingual communications and education professional who delivers results in different areas including e-learning, digital media, corporate communications, cross-cultural campaigns, integrated marketing, web platforms, information architecture, project management, and more.

Denisse has worked in the business, higher education, and international sectors for the past two decades at companies and organizations such as American Express, The George Washington University, International Monetary Fund, Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma, Pan American Health Organization, and World Health Organization. She enjoys working with organizations and people creating a positive impact in the world. Denisse also manages MacQuil.com, a global education blog with the mission to guide college students from all over the world.

Denisse holds a Master’s degree in Education with a focus on media and technology from Harvard University, and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from The George Washington University. She enjoys reading books and articles on psychology, cognitive science, mindfulness, coaching, and science-based communications.

Denisse Romero Consulting, LLC partners with visual communications professionals such as designers, storytellers, illustrators, cinematographers, media producers, and digital marketers to co-create and develop impactful projects.

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